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Số người truy cập: 75,104,053

                      Curriculum Vitae


Proposed Position in the Project:


1   Family Name:         NGUYEN

2   First Name:             The - Hung

3   Date of Birth:          Oct. 23 / 1957

4   Nationality:             Vietnamese

5   Civil Status:            Married

6    Education / Professional studies:

         +  Professor of Hydraulics  at The University of Danang:   2005 - 2018.

         +  Head of Faculty of Water Resources Engineering, The University of Danang: 

                  1995 - 2004.                  

         +  Vice Dean of Faculty of Civil  Engineering, The University of Danang: 

                  1992 - 1995.                  

+ Lecturer  of Hydraulics at The University of Danang:  1990 - 2004.

+ Ph.D student at Hanoi Water Resources University: 1985-1989.

+ Engineer, design of hydraulic structures at Quang-Ngai province, Vietnam:     1980-1984

+ Obtained  of Philosophy Doctor Engineering at Hanoi Water Resources

   University in 1989.

           + Obtained of Bachelor of Engineering at Ho-Chi-Minh  University of Technology in 1980.         


7   Language Skills:    (Mark from 1 (notions) to 5 (excellent) for competence)

                                      (*=mother tongue)

Language                        Speaking             Reading             Writing

English                                   4                         4                      4

French                                    3                         4                      3

          Vietnam                                  *                         *                       *

7    Membership of Professional Bodies:

          Vice - President   of  Vietnam   Association  for  Fluid Mechanics.

9   Other Skills:

10 Present Position within the organization:

      Head of Division of Water Resources Engineering Fundamentals, Faculty of Water Resources Engineering, University of Science and Technology, The University of Danang  

11 Years with the organization:    38 years

12   Key Qualifications: (relevant to the project):

■ Applying Numerical methods for  flood forecasting on plain of Central region of VN;

■ Coupling of mathematical models (1D,2D)  of water surface and groundwater  for flood forecasting on lower plain of Central Vietnam;

■ Using mathematical flow model of seawater intrusion in coastal aquifers;

■ Seepage through of earth dame;

■  Establishing the governing equation 1D, 2D by dual approach;

■ River training…

13 Experience in Specific European countries/territories:

                                      Responsible for the training program of Master of Hydroprotech, cooperation between The University of Danang and Universite de Nice – Sophia Antipolis

          Member of Master program of HydroAsia (Korea, since 2009)          

         Singapore cooperation programme -  Initiative for ASEAN  integration - Education Train - the- Trainers programme (5 - 17 Nov. 2001).


14 Professional Experience Record (relevant to the project):

          Advisor 6 Ph.D students and 80 Master students

         Date:  1996  - 2018

          Investigated many projects related hydrology , flood, salinity intrusion, infiltration, river training in Central of Vietnam        

15 Publications:

+  Quelques  aspects mathematiques et les solutions numeriques des problemes        hydrauliques,  Seminaire a Montreal ( ETS, Universite du Quebec), Canada 1996.

+  Fluid Mechanics,  Edition of Education of Vietnam, Danang 1998.

+ Finite Element Method in Flow (Monographe), Hanoi Pub. House 2004.

+ Numerical Methods for Engineers,  Hanoi Pub. House 2013.

+  Over fifty papers of hydrological, computational hydraulics & hydraulic     mathematical modeling, establishing the governing equation 1D, 2D by dual approach. Publication on Journal & Proceeding of Vietnam and  in the World on the domain Fluid  Mechanics. 


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