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Số người truy cập: 75,104,053

Full name: NGUYEN Thi Hai Van                                  

432 Nguyen Luong Bang street, Danang, Vietnam

Mobile : +84 9 16 87 85 27

Vietnamese. Married, 32 years old

Email :  or

Anh the_HVan                            



7/2009 – now:

- Teacher of the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Danang University in Vietnam.

01/2011 - 02/2015

- PhD Physics/Electrical Engineering, National Institut of Polytechnic (INP) in Grenoble - France.

9/2009 – 6/2010 :

- Scholar of Francophonie University Agency (AUF) for the training of second year Master of Research at the INP Grenoble-France.

7/2009 – 8/2009 :

- Teacher of the Department of Automation at the Institute of Technology (IUT) in Vietnam..


- Graduated in Automation of France – Vietnam excellence engineers training program (PFIEV) at Danang University of Technologies (DUT)

Grade: Good (7.48/10)

1/2006 – 7/2006 :

- Subject of dissertation study: «Designer a treadmill transmitting a small canvas and schedule for conducting and combine with Robot Tergane-45 »

Defense : 9.57/10

2001- 2006 :

- Studies at Danang University of Technologies (DUT)

Specialty : Automation


  • Science courses and practicing: Thermal (thermal and fluid mechanics), theoretical mechanics, chemical engineering, thermodynamics, mechanical engineering (solid mechanics, mechanical waves), chemical, etc. ...


  • Practical experience in DUT laboratories

2003 :

Third Prize in the Examination of English for good students at Danang University.

2000 :

Nguyen Thai Binh award for a typical student

2001 :

Baccalaureate at high school Nguyen Tra – Danang.

Grade : Very good

1998 – 2001 :

Nguyen Trai high school– Danang

1994 – 1998:

Nguyen Thai Binh Secondary school- Danang

1989 – 1994 :

Trieu Nu Vuong Elementary school - Danang




1/2011 – 2/20115 :



PhD in Electrical Engineering and Physics at G2Elab laboratory, INP Grenoble - France

« Corona in helium gas at 300K.» (6 months)

  •  Study the voltage and the current to calculate the mobility of charged particles.
  •  Progam with Mathematica for modelling the line profiles using Fourrier transformation algorithm.
  • Pre-breakdown analysis and disruptive phenomena in dielectric liquids via spectroscopic study of low temperature plasmas with very high electric field. 


2/2010 – 7/2010 :



Master 2 Research (M2R) formation program in G2Elab laboratory

« Corona in helium gas at 300K.» (6 months)

Defense:  15.35/20

  •  Study the evolution of the plasma state of a corona discharge under DC voltage in helium gas
  •  Measurement of emission lines as a function of pressure allows us to highlight the change in density and temperature of neutrals in the discharge.
  • Apply diagnostic techniques for the spectroscopic study of low pressure plasmas, in case of discharges occurring in dense media




Work (part - time) in Alink  Company for 3 months.


  • Study of personnel structure, activities of advertising and publishing. 

2006 :

Internship at the Laboratory of Automation - Vietnam


  • Take the course for professional use of Easy - Rob




  • Design a system that includes the treadmill combined with Robot hand.

Program for Robot hand and the treadmill by Easy Rob.

2002 :

Internship in the CCTI company (Production of capacitors.)


  • Consider the signal transmission channel in the production system.
  • Investigate automation equipment and complete the professional course : SCADA




2003 - 2005:

Volunteer of Green Project in Hoa Bac commune, Quang Nam Province and Daklak Province

• This project provides residential care for poor people.




Français: avanced level.

Anglais : Scientist, avanced level.                    

Computer Skills 

Logiciels  AutoCad , MATLAB, Internet, Office

Sport :




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