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Số người truy cập: 103,531,896



Personal Details

Full name:                 TANG ANH TUAN

Nationality:                Vietnamese

Date of birth:             31st January 1990


·    Problem Solving Skill and Time Management Skill

·    Diligent, enthusiastic, highly motivated and self-educated


3/2015- 06/2019:        PhD Student at School of Electronic and Electrical Engineering,

The University of Leeds

2008 -2013:                B.Sc in Electronic and Communication Engineering-Advanced Program (First Class Honors), Danang University of Science and Technology, Viet Nam

                                    Grade-Point Average: 3.68/4.0 (ranked 4th)


Advanced Courses:

·    Digital Signal Processing in Communication - Dr Des McLernon - The University of Leeds

·    Studying Development - Vietnam - Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences

Working Experience

12/2013-Present:       Lecturer (Full-time) at Danang University of Science and Technology,

                                    Electronic and Telecommunication Department

1-2/2013:                    Internship at Vietnam Post and Telecommunication Corporation, Da Nang

Research Experience

2013:                           Student Research Conference of Danang University of Science and Technology

            Project: Face Recognition Using Generalized Discriminant Analysis Algorithm

2012:                           VIETNAM TI University MCU Design Contest (Central Region)

                                          Project: Operating Time Controlling Device


·    Tang, T.A., Mhamdi, L., McLernon, D., Zaidi, S.A.R. and Ghogho, M., 2016,

October. Deep Learning Approach for Network Intrusion Detection in Software

Defined Networking. In Wireless Networks and Mobile Communications (WINCOM), 2016 International Conference on (pp. 258-263). IEEE.

·    Hoai-Huong Nguyen Le, Anh Tuan Tang, Thanh Tung Huynh and Huy Hoang, (2014), A High Performance VLSI Architecture for Variable Block Size Motion Estimation of H.264/AVC, Proceedings of 2nd International Workshop on Industrial IT Convergence, Da Nang, Viet Nam.

·    Tang Anh  Tuan, Nguyen Van Trong, Dang Manh Tuan, (2013), Face Recognition Using Generalized  Discriminant Analysis Algorithm, The University of Danang Student Research Conference.

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