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Số người truy cập: 75,104,053

Curriculum Vitae Mau Trinh Dang

Personal Information

Born on July 05, 1986, Nghe An Province, Vietnam

Nationality: Vietnamese

Private address:

8/172 Xuan 68

Thuan Loc, Hue, Vietnam

Phone: +84 948 76 54 83


Skype: trinhdangmau


  • June 2015: Doctor in Sciences, Biology (Ph.D.), Faculty of Science, Khon Kaen University, Thailand, with the greatest distinction.

Dissertation Title: Biodiversity of Rotifer from Thua Thien Hue Province, Vietnam.

  • January 2011: Master in Ecology (M.Sc.), Hue University of Science, University of Hue, Vietnam, with great distinction.

Dissertation Title: Diversity of Rotifers in the Thuy Tien Lake and Nhu Y River, Thua Thien Hue Province.

  • July 2008: Candidate in sciences, section Biology (B.Sc.), Hue University of Science, Univerity of Hue, Vietnam. Thesis title: Relationships between rotifers and phytoplankton in freshwater ecology, Thua Thien Hue Province, Vietnam.

  • Certificate of completion the training course 'Using R for Analyzing Biodiversity: Morphometric, Phylogenetic and Diversity Analyses', by Dr. Julien Claude, March 2013, Thailand.

  • Certificate of participation and completion of 'The Asian Program for Icumation of Environment Leaders – Hue Unit 2010', August, 2010, Vietnam.

  • Certificate of participation and completion for 'Taxonomic Training and Acess to Collections in Belgium', December, 2009, Belgium.

  • Scientific Research Methodology, University of Hue, June 2009, Vietnam.

  • Computer technician, Hue University of Science, June 2008, Vietnam.

  • Lecturer's training, University of Hue, June 2009, Vietnam.

Scientific Award

  • 2009, Odon Vallet scholarship for excellence researcher for the work 'Diversity of Rotifers in Thuy Tien Lake and Nhu Y River, Thua Thien Hue Province'.

  • 2012, Silver medal awarded for poster entitled 'Biodiversity of Rotifers in Central Vietnam', Workshop on Freshwater Invertebrates of Southeast Asia: Biodiversity and Origin, Thailand.

Languages and Other Skills

  • Proficient in English; basic knowledge of Thai (spoken).

  • Experienced user of standard MS Office® applications (Word, Excel, Access) and Open Office.

  • Specialized packages for statistical (e.g., R - advance, Spss) and biodiversity analysis (EstimateS).

  • Specialized languages for database management with MySQL (Structured Query Language).

Publications in International (Indexed in ISI)

  • Trinh Dang, M., Segers, H. & Sanoamuang, L. (2013) Rotifers from Thuy Tien lake and Nhu Y river in central Vietnam, with a description of Ploesoma asiaticum new species (Rotifera: Monogononta). Journal of Limnology, 72, 376–386.

  • Trinh Dang, M., Segers, H. & Sanoamuang, L. (2015) Psammon rotifers in Central Vietnam, with the descriptions of three new species (Rotifera: Monogononta). Zootaxa 4018 (2): 249–265.

  • Online Publication (Software)

  • Trinh Dang, M. (2014) BioLabs - Biodiversity database manager and analysis.

  • R applications shared:

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