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Số người truy cập: 74,213,522


Tri Truong Huu

  432 Dung Sy Thanh Khe - Danang - Vietnam

  Mobile: 00 84 932 445 199



Date of birth: Sept 20, 1973 

Foreign languages:  French and English  

Status: Married 



- Postdoctorant, LMSPC - University of Strasbourg - France;


- Doctor of Philosophy in Chemical Engineening - LMSPC - University of Strasbourg - France;


- Master of science in Petroleum Products and Internal Combustion Engine, IFP - France;


- Engineer in Chemistry of Oil Refining and Petrochemistry, Hanoi University of Technology - Vietnam.


   -  Basic software : WINWORD, EXCEL, POWER POINT.

   -  Professional software: PROII, Matlab.


Sept - 2009    Training of one week: Engineering of catalytic reactors, France;

April - 2006   Certificate of "Corrosion and protective techniques", Toulon and Var;

Sept - 2006    Training to the IUT of Le Mans - University of Maine, France;

July - 2001    Training of end of study of 2 months in Totalfina - Lyon, France;

Oct - 2000     Training of one week at the oil refining labolatory in Madrid, Spain. 

At present:  Lecturer of the Chemical Engineering department of the DUT


   -  Heat Transfer;

   -  Petroleum Chemistry;

   -  Petroleum Products Quality and Specifications;

   -  Petrochemical;

   -  Refinery Products Blending;

   -  Nanomaterials (for post-university).



     -  Carbon nanomaterials: Systhesis, Characterization, Modeling.

     -  Applications: Heterocatalysis and Environment.

     -  Energy, Renewable energies.

     -  Process calculation and modeling in chemical engineering.

International Publications:

1.  Lai Truong-Phuoc, Tri Truong Huu, Lam Nguyen-Dinh, Walid Baaziz, Thierry Romero, David Edouard, Dominique Begin, Izabela Janowska, Cuong Pham-Huu, Silicon carbide foam decorated with carbon nanofibers as catalytic stirrer in liquid-phase hydrogenation reactionsApplied Catalysis A;  Volume 469, pp. 81-88 (2014).

2.  Tri Truong Huu, Kambiz Chizai, Izabela Janowska, Simona Moldovan, Olidiu Ersen, Lam D. Nguyen, Marc Jacques Ledoux, Cuong Pham-Huu, Dominique Begin. Few-Layer-Graphene supporting Palladium nanoparticles with a full accessible effective surface for liquid-phase hydrogenation reaction. Catalysis Today. No: Volume 189, Issue 1. Pages: 294-299 (2012).  

3.  Yuefeng Liu, Lam D. Nguyen, Tri Truong Huu, Yu Liu, Thierry Romero, Izabela Janowska, Dominique Begin, Cuong Pham-Huu. Macroscopic shaping of carbon nanotubes with high specific surface area and full accessibility. Materials Letters. No: 79. Pages: 128 – 131 (2012).

4. Meryem Saber, Tri Truong Huu, Cuong Pham-Huu, David Edouard. Residence time distribution, axial liquid dispersion and dynamic–static liquid mass transfer in trickle flow reactor containing β-SiC open-cell foams. Chemical Engineering Journal. No: Volumes 185-186. Pages: 294-299 (2012).

5.   Tri Truong Huu, Régis Philippe, Patrick Nguyen, David Edouard, Daniel Schweich. Radial dispersion in liquid upflow through solid SiC foam beds. Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Rechearch. No: Volume 50, Issue 8. Pages: 4329-4334 (2011).

6.  David Edouard, Tri Truong Huu, Cuong Pham Huu, Francis Luck, Daniel Schweich. The effective thermal properties of solid foam beds: Experimental and estimated temperature profiles. International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer. No: Vol 53, Issues 19-20. Pages: 3807-3816 (2010). 

7. Tri Truong Huu, Maxime Lacroix, Cuong Pham Huu, Daniel Schweich, David Edouard. Towards a more realistic modeling of solid foam: Use of the pentagonal dodecahedron geometry. Chemical Engineering Science. No: Volume 64, Issue 24. Pages: 5131-5142 (2009).

National Publications:

1.   Truong Huu Tri, Nguyen Dinh Lam. Using nitrogen-doped carbon nanotubes as a catalyst support for selective hydrogenation of cinnamaldehyde. Journal of science and Technology Development - Vietnam National University-Ho Chi minh City; accepted (2017).

2. Truong Huu Tri, Highly selective hydrogenation of cinnamaldehyde to hydrocinnamaldehyde by using few layer graphene as a catalyst support. Journal of science and technology - Technical Universities. accepted (2017).

3.  Truong Huu Tri, Bui Thi Lap anh Nguyen Dinh Lam, Highly efficient water assisted synthesis of carbon nanotubes by chemical vapor  deposition method. Journal of science and technology - University of Da nang; accepted (2017).

4.  Truong Huu Tri, Nguyen Dinh Lam. Synthesis of carbon nano fibers on macroscopic structured materials. Journal of science and technology - University of Da nang; Vol: 3 (112), p.149-152 (2017).

5.   Truong Huu Tri. Fabrication of few layer graphene using mechanical exfoliation method. Journal of science and technology - University of Da nang; Vol: 1 (110), p.71-75 (2017).

6.  Truong Huu Tri, Pham Huu Cuong. Design a system in order to measure directly the thermal conductivity coefficient of the solid materials. Journal of science and technology - Technical Universities. Vol: 115, p.98-102; (2016).

7.   Truong Huu Tri, Daniel Schweich. Determination of the effective thermal conductivity of the solid beta silicon carbide foams. Journal of science and technology - Technical Universities. Vol: 98, p.86-92; (2014).

8.   Truong Huu Tri. Synthesis of carbon nanotubes using chemical vapor deposition method from ethane. Journal of science and technology - University of Da nang; Vol: 7 (80), p.63-66; (2014).

9.  Truong Huu Tri, Nguyen Dinh Lam. Synthesis of nitrogen-doped carbon nanotubes by chemical vapor deposition method. Journal of science and technology - University of Da nang; Vol: 8 (69), p.106-111 (2013).

10.  Truong Huu Tri, Nguyen Dinh Lam. Influence of synthesis conditions on the proprieties of nitrogen - doped carbon nanotubes. Vietnam journal of chemistry; Vol: 51 (6ABC), p.410-416 (2013).

11. Truong Huu Tri, Pham Huu Cuong. Using Beta Silicon Carbide as catalyst supports for Fischer-Tropsch synthesis. Petrovietnam journal. Vol: 7/2012. p.34-39, (2012).

Presentations and Poster:

1.  David Edouard, Tri Truong Huu , Patrick Nguyen, Cuong Pham Huu. Two phase pressure drop and total liquid holdup measurement in solid SiC foam beds. EURO foam 2000, July 2008, Noordwijk Nederland (Poster);  2008.

2.  Tri Truong Huu, Cuong Pham Huu, David EdouardSolid foams as packed pentagonal dodecahedronsMetfoam2009, September 2003, Bratislava - Czech Republic 2009.

3.  Tri Truong Huu, Régis Philippe, David Edouard, Daniel Schweich. Radial Dispersion in Liquid Upflow Through Solid SiC Foam BedsChisa 2010-ECCE 7, September 20010, Praha - Czech Republic (Poster); 2010.

4.  Yuefeng Liu, Tri Truong Huu, Lam D. Nguyen, Izabella Janowska,Cuong Pham-Huu. Self-supported carbon nanotube (CNT) and few-layer graphene (FLG) beads with high external surfaceISHHC XV-Berlin 2011, September 2011 Berlin-Germany (Poster);  2011.

5.   Y. Liu, L.D. Nguyen, H. Ba, Tri Truong-Huu, F. Vigneron, I. Janowska, D. Begin, C. Pham-Huu. Macroscopic carbon nanotubes foam with high specific surface area and full accessibilityCARBOCAT-V', June 2012 Bressanone - Brixen Italy, 2012. 

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