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51. Bài báo:  Towards a paradigm on the value Tác giả: Truong Hong Trinh. Cogent Economics & Finance (ESCI/SCOPUS). 6. Pages: 1429094. Năm 2018. (23/02/2018)
52. Tham luận:  Indigenous Voice and Inclusion in Diverse Workplace: Case of Vietnamese Public Sector Organisations Tác giả: Tho Alang, Pauline Stanton, Raymond Trau. The 32nd Annual Conference of the Association of Industrial Relation Academics of Australia and New Zealand (AIRAANZ): Jobs and change in uncertain times, Adelaide, Australia. Pages: .. Năm 2018. (17/10/2017)
53. Bài báo:  Quantifying the net traffic congestion effect of urban public transport – Including both negative and positive effects Tác giả: Duy Q Nguyen-Phuoc*, Graham Currie, Chris De Gruyter, William Young. Transportation Research Board (TRB) 97th Annual Meeting, Washington, D.C., United States. 18-01586. Pages: 1-11. Năm 2018. (18/10/2017)
54. Bài báo:  Effect of Low-Frequency Flow on Cable Dry-State Galloping Tác giả: H. Vo-Duy¹ *, L. Hoang-Trong ¹, M. Nguyen-Van¹, V. Nguyen-Hoang ¹ 1 Bridge Engineering Division, Faculty of Bridge and Road Engineering, Danang University of Science and Technology, The University of Danang – Vietnam . Lect.Notes Mechanical Engineering-ISSN: 2195-4356 ( SCOPUS). 60. Pages: 875-889. Năm 2018. (31/10/2017)
55. Bài báo:  Evaluating energy efficiency of production machine Tác giả: Nguyen Thi Ai Lanh, Tran Le Nhat Hoang, Paris Henri, Mathieu Museau. Proceedings of the First International Conference on Material, Machines, and Methods for Sustainable Development, 18-19 May 2018, Danang, Vietnam. Vol 2. Pages: 562-569. Năm 2018. (18/05/2018)
56. Tham luận:  Modeling of Position Control for Hydraulic Cylinder Using Servo Valve Tác giả: Ngoc Hai Tran, Quang Bang Tao, Tan Tien Huynh, Xuan Tuy Tran, and Nhu Thanh Vo. Springer International Publishing AG, part of Springer Nature. Pages: 696-706. Năm 2018. (27/03/2018)
57. Tham luận:  Một phương pháp tham số giải hệ phương trình tuyến tính không ổn định. Tác giả: Imme van den Berg, Tran Van Nam. Workshop on Graph Theory, Combinatorics and Optimization (Aveiro, Portugal). Pages: 24. Năm 2018. (25/12/2017)
58. Bài báo:  Microstructural effects of isothermal aging on a doped SAC solder alloy Tác giả: Lahouari Benabou, Laurent Vivet, Quang Bang Tao, Ngoc Hai Tran. International Journal of Materials Research. 109(1). Pages: 76-82. Năm 2018. (25/01/2018)
59. Bài báo:  Suffusion susceptibility investigation by energy based mehtod and statistical analysis
Tác giả: Le V.T., Marot D., Rochim A., Benhdamane F., Nguyen H.H
SCI-Q1 - Canadien Geotechnical Journal- doi/abs/10.1139/cgj-2017-0024. 55(1). Pages: 57-68. Năm 2018.
60. Bài báo:  Ultimate lateral resistance of pile group in clayey soils against various direction of ground movement Tác giả: Quang N.PHAM, Satoru OHTSUKA, Koichi ISOBE, Yutaka FUKUMOTO. Proceedings of the 1st Vietnam Symposium on Advances in Offshore Engineering - Energy and Geotechnics: VSOE 2018. Vol.1. Pages: 1-6. Năm 2018. (12/02/2018)
61. Tham luận:  Government Policy, Organisational Practice and Indigenous Employee Experience Tác giả: Tho Alang, Pauline Stanton, Raymond Trau. The 30th Annual Meeting of Society for the Advancement of Socio-Economics (SASE), Kyoto, Japan. Pages: .. Năm 2018. (13/02/2018)
62. Tham luận:  Study on the Optimal Weather Routing Algorithm based on the Sea Trial Test of the 8600TEU Container ship from Busan to Shanghai Tác giả: Van Minh Nguyen, Hyeon Kyu Yoon, BonGuk Koo and SungSoo Shin. Proceeding of the 3rd Workshop on Ships and Offshore Structures, Glasgow, United Kingdom. Pages: 1~25. Năm 2018. (20/02/2018)
63. Bài báo:  Cross-country determinants of ownership choices in cross-border acquisitions: Evidence from emerging markets Tác giả: Man Dang, Darren Henry, Manh Toan Nguyen, Viet Anh Hoang. Journal of Multinational Financial Management (ISI, SSCI). 44. Pages: 14-35. Năm 2018. (24/01/2018)
64. Tham luận:  Indigenous Employee Voice and Workplace Experience Tác giả: Tho Alang. WOW Workshop in Equity, Diversity and Gender in Employment, Griffith University, Brisbane, Australia. Pages: .. Năm 2018. (21/02/2018)
65. Bài báo:  Flow control of swirling double-concentric jets at high central jet Reynolds numbers Tác giả: Le Minh Duc, Ching Min Hsu, Rong Fung Huang. Journal of Marine Science and Technology (SCI). xx. Pages: xxx-xxx. Năm 2018. (18/10/2016)
66. Bài báo:  Investigation of spatial scale effects on suffusion susceptibility
Tác giả: Zhong C., Le V.T., Bendahmane F., Marot D., Zhenyu Yin. SCI-Q1 - Journal of Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Engineering (ASCE-Accepted). -. Pages: -. Năm 2018.
67. Bài báo:  Enhanced Seismic Fragility Analysis of Anchored Above-Ground Steel Liquid Storage Tanks Tác giả: Hoang Nam Phan, Fabrizio Paolacci, Silvia Alessandri and. Proceedings of the ASME 2018 Pressure Vessels and Piping Conference. PVP2018. July 15-20,2018, Prague, Czech Republic. (Scopus).PVP2018-84367. Pages: xxx-xxx. Năm 2018. (31/01/2018)
68. Tham luận:  Group effect on ultimate lateral resistance of piles against uniform ground movement.
Tác giả: Quang N.PHAM, Satoru OHTSUKA, Koichi ISOBE, Yutaka FUKUMOTO. 53rd Japan National Conference on Geotechnical Engineering. Vol.53. Pages: 1359-1360. Năm 2018.
69. Bài báo:  Predicting the diffusion of brand stories on social networks Tác giả: Thi Bich Ngoc Hoang and Josiane Mothe. CICling 2018, Proceeding Springer LNCS: ISI, Scopus.. .. Pages: .. Năm 2018. (04/03/2018)
70. Bài báo:  Analysis of Dynamic Impact Factors of Bridge Due to Moving Vehicles Using Finite Element Method Tác giả: T. Nguyen-Xuan, Y. Kuriyama, T. Nguyen-Duy. Lecture Notes in Mechanical Engineering. Springer, Singapore (Indexed by SCOPUS). ISBN 978-981-10-7149-2 ( Pages: 1105-1119. Năm 2018. (06/03/2018)
71. Bài báo:  Stationary Random Vibration Analysis of Dynamic Vehicle-Bridge Interaction Due to Road Unevenness Tác giả: T. Nguyen-Xuan,Y. Kuriyama, T. Nguyen-Duy. Lecture Notes in Mechanical Engineering. Springer, Singapore (Indexed by SCOPUS). ISBN 978-981-10-7149-2 ( Pages: 1121-1138. Năm 2018. (06/03/2018)
72. Bài báo:  An economic model-based matching approach between buyers and sellers through a broker in an open e-marketplace Tác giả: Dien Tuan Le, Minjie Zhang and Fenghui Ren. Journal of Systems science and Systems engineering (SCIE). Volume. Pages: 1-24. Năm 2018. (25/03/2018)
73. Bài báo:  An Integrated Approach for IC Design R&D Portfolio Decision and Project Scheduling and A Case Study Tác giả: Chen-Fu Chien, Nhat-To Huynh. IEEE Transactions on Semiconductor Manufacturing. Vol. 31, No. 1. Pages: 76-86. Năm 2018. (27/03/2018)
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75. Bài báo:  On the consistent two-side estimates for the solutions of quasilinear convection–diffusion equations and their approximations on non-uniform grids Tác giả: Piotr Matus, Dmitriy Poliakov, Le Minh Hieu. Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics (SCI). 340 (1 October 2018). Pages: 571-581. Năm 2018. (12/06/2018)
76. Bài báo:  Study of isolating and selecting Methylobacterium sp. from the leaves of the rice (oryza sativa) in Danang Tác giả: Pham Thi My; Bui Xuan Dong
The scientific method (ISSN 2708-5341). N19/2018. Pages: 35-41. Năm 2018.
77. Bài báo:  Kinetic of Biogas Production in Co-Digestion of Vegetable Waste, Hourse Dung, and Sludge by Batch Reactors Tác giả: Dinh PHAM VAN, Takeshi FUJIWARA, Song Toan PHAM PHU, and Minh Giang HOANG. Journal of Earth and Environmental Science (SCOPUS). 159. Pages: 21-28. Năm 2018. (15/06/2018)
78. Bài báo:  A Novel Hybrid ABC-PSO Algorithm for Effort Estimation of Software Projects Using Agile Methodologies Tác giả: Thanh Tung Khuat, My Hanh Le. Journal of Intelligent Systems (SCOPUS indexed). 27(3). Pages: 1-17. Năm 2018. (08/04/2017)
79. Bài báo:  A Methodology for Assessing Stability of Power Systems According to Load Changes Considering Uncertainty, Engineering Tác giả: Van Duong Ngo, Van Kien Pham, Dinh Duong Le, Kim Hung Le, Van Ky Huynh. Technology & Applied Science Research. Vol. 8, No. 2. Pages: 2758-2763. Năm 2018. (17/06/2018)
80. Bài báo:  Tổng hợp và đánh giá đặc trưng của acid decylphosphonic, ứng dụng trong trùng hợp nhũ tương và lớp phủ chống ăn mòn
Tác giả: The-Anh Phan, François-Xavier Perrin and Lam Nguyen-Dinh
Korean J. Chem. Eng.. 35(6). Pages: 1365-1372. Năm 2018.
81. Bài báo:  Solutions to improve the value added of the rubber value chain in the Central Highlands of Vietnam Tác giả: Nguyen Thi Thuy Hanh. Australasian Agribusiness Perspectives. 2018, Volume 21, Paper 6. Pages: 87-97. Năm 2018. (19/06/2018)
82. Bài báo:  DNA Sequences Representation Derived from Discrete Wavelet Transformation for Text Similarity Recognition Tác giả: Phan Hieu Ho, Ngoc Anh Thi Nguyen, Trung Hung Vo. In Springer SCI Book, Modern Approaches for Intelligent Information and Database Systems. SCI 769. Pages: 75-85. Năm 2018. (19/06/2018)
83. Bài báo:  Factors That Affect Students’ Reticence in Class

Tác giả: Nguyen Van Tuyen. Advances in Social Science, Education and Humanities Research. 115. Pages: 179-184. Năm 2018.
84. Bài báo:  Three-dimensional simulation of droplet dynamics in planar contraction microchannel Tác giả: Van Thanh Hoang, Chan Byon, Jiseok Lim and Jang Min Park*. Chemical Engineering Science (SCI). 176. Pages: 59-65. Năm 2018. (19/10/2017)
85. Bài báo:  (Accepted) Low Noise Frequency Combs for Higher-Order QAM Formats through Cross Phase Modulation of Modelocked Laser Pulses Tác giả: Mark Pelusi, Hung Nguyen Tan, Karen Solis-Trapala, Takashi Inoue, and Shu Namiki. IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics (SCI, Q1). Vol. 24, No. 3. Pages: 00. Năm 2018. (05/11/2017)
86. Bài báo:  Predicting Information Diffusion on Twitter - Analysis of predictive features Tác giả: Thi Bich Ngoc Hoang, Josiane Mothe. Journal of Computational Science, Elsevier, (SCIE, IF:1,748). Vol. 22. Pages: doi: 10.1016/j.jocs.2017.10.010. Năm 2018. (16/11/2017)
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89. Bài báo:  (Invited Paper) Analysis and Demonstration of Network Utilization Improvement Through Format-agnostic Multi-channel Wavelength Converters Tác giả: Kiyo Ishii, Takashi Inoue, Inwoong Kim, Xi Wang, Hung Nguyen Tan, Qiong Zhang, Tadashi Ikeuchi, Shu Namiki. Journal of Optical Communications and Networking (SCI, Q1). 10. Pages: 00. Năm 2018. (12/11/2017)
90. Bài báo:  Performance Enhancement of Encryption and Authentication IP cores for IPSec based on Multiple-Core Architecture and Dynamic Partial Reconfiguration on FPGA Tác giả: Tuan Nguyen Trong, Nguyen Van Cuong, Thang Viet Huynh, Yen Luong, Hai Dang. SigTelCom 2018 (IEEE) [DOI: 10.1109/SIGTELCOM.2018.8325775]. NA. Pages: 126-131. Năm 2018. (16/11/2017)
91. Bài báo:  Spark ignition probability and minimum ignition energy transition of the lean iso-octane/air mixture in premixed turbulent combustion Tác giả: L.J. Jiang, S. Shy, M.T. Nguyen, S.Y. Huang, D.W. Yu. Combustion and Flame. 187. Pages: 87-95. Năm 2018. (02/12/2017)
92. Bài báo:  Effect of Styrene-Butadiene Copolymer Coating on Properties of Rubberized Cement-Based Composites Tác giả: Ngoc Phuong Pham, Ahmed Toumi, Anaclet Turatsinze. RILEM Bookseries. 10.1007/978-94-024-1194-2_40. Pages: 342-350. Năm 2018. (02/12/2017)
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94. Bài báo:  Opposition Multiple Objective Symbiotic Organisms Search (OMOSOS) for Time, Cost, Quality and Work Continuity Tradeoff in Repetitive Projects Tác giả: Duc-HocTran, Duc-LongLuong, Minh-TinDuong, Trong-NhanLe and Anh-DucPham. Journal of Computational Design and Engineering. Vol 5, issue 2. Pages: 160-172. Năm 2018. (05/12/2017)
95. Bài báo:  "Méethode d'Apprentissage pour Extraire les Localisations dans les MicroBlogs" Tác giả: Thi Bich Ngoc Hoang, Josiane Mothe. Gast, 18ème édition de la conférence Extraction et Gestion de Connaissances. .. Pages: (accepted). Năm 2018. (30/11/2017)
96. Tham luận:  Matching-based depth camera and mirrors for 3D reconstruction Tác giả: Trong Nguyen Nguyen, Huu Hung Huynh, Jean Meunier. Three-Dimensional Imaging, Visualization, and Display 2018. Pages: 1-10. Năm 2018. (17/12/2017)
97. Bài báo:  So sánh hiệu quả thông gió của các loại mặt bằng điển hình trong chung cư cao tầng ở Việt Nam Tác giả: Phan Tiến Vinh, Trịnh Duy Anh, Nguyễn Anh Tuấn. The VII International Scientific and Technical Conference “THE SOLUTION OF ENVIRONMENTAL PROBLEMS IN THE CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRY AND REAL ESTATE”. ISBN 978-5-4323-0261-8. Pages: 31-32. Năm 2018. (15/12/2017)
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99. Bài báo:  Solution for Ordered Weighted Averaging Operator for Making in The Interaction Multi-Criteria Decision in User-Based Collaborative Filtering Recommender System Tác giả: Tri Minh Huynh, Vu The Tran, Hung Huu Huynh, Hiep Xuan Huynh. International Journal of Machine Learning and Computing (IJMLC). 1. Pages: accepted. Năm 2018. (17/12/2017)
100. Bài báo:  Waste Recycling System for a Tourism City in Vietnam: Situation and Sustainable Strategy Approach - Case Study in Hoi An City, Vietnam Tác giả: Song Toan PHAM PHU, Takeshi FUJIWARA, Dinh PHAM VAN, Hoa KIEU THI. Journal of Earth and Environmental Science (SCOPUS). 159. Pages: 1-8. Năm 2018. (19/12/2017)
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