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51. Bài báo:  Federated Learning over Wireless Networks: Optimization Model Design and Analysis Tác giả: Nguyen H. Tran, Wei Bao, Albert Zomaya, Minh N. H. Nguyen, Choong Seon Hong. IEEE International Conference on Computer Communications (IEEE INFOCOM). Accepted. Pages: 1-9. Năm 2019. (22/12/2018)
52. Tham luận:  The role of servicescape in creating social interaction experiences in hospitality industry: A research framework. Tác giả: Quynh Tran Xuan, Nadine Tournois, My Dang Van. Proceedings of The Eighteen International Marketing Trend Conference in Venice on January , 2019. Pages: 57-60. Năm 2019. (20/01/2019)
53. Bài báo:  Technology readiness and satisfaction in Vietnam's luxury hotel Tác giả: Le Van Huy; Pham Thi Hoan Nguyen; Pham Long; Ronald Berry
International Journal Management and Decision Making (ESCI, SCOPUS). Vol. 18, No. 2. Pages: 183-208. Năm 2019.
54. Bài báo:  Multi-step Consensus: An Effective Approach for Determining Consensus in Large Collectives Tác giả: Dai Tho Dang, Ngoc Thanh Nguyen, Dosam Hawng. Cybernetics and systems (SCIE). 50(2). Pages: 208–229. Năm 2019. (29/01/2019)
55. Tham luận:  Ultimate bearing capacity of rigid footing on sandy soil against eccentric vertical load Tác giả: PHAM N. Quang, OHTSUKA Satoru, FUKUMOTO Yutaka, HOSHINA Takashi. 54th Japan National Conference on Geotechnical Engineering. Pages: 1187-1188. Năm 2019. (09/02/2019)
56. Tham luận:  Numerical analyses for ultimate bearing capacity formula of intermediate soil ground in consideration of scale effect of foundation Tác giả: HUYNH A. Dung, PHAM N. Quang, OHTSUKA Satoru, FUKUMOTO Yutaka, HOSHINA Takashi. 54th Japan National Conference on Geotechnical Engineering. Pages: 1149-1150. Năm 2019. (09/02/2019)
57. Bài báo:  Modeling and experimental of the mechanical behavior of seat cushion for wheelchair users
Tác giả: H-T. Bui, L-V. Nguyen, K. Debray, Q-B. Tao, P. Lestriez. IOP Conf. Series: Materials Science and Engineering. 1757-8981. Pages: 66-73. Năm 2019.
58. Bài báo:  Study of Surface Roughness of Electronic Substrate on Abrasive Belt Grinding Tác giả: Q.B. Tao, M.T. Tran, H-T. Bui. IOP Conf. Series: Materials Science and Engineering. 1757-8981. Pages: 89-93. Năm 2019. (11/02/2019)
59. Bài báo:  Opening a band gap in graphene by C–C bond alternation: a tight binding approach Tác giả: Doan Q Khoa, Chuong V Nguyen, Le M Bui, Huynh V Phuc, Bui D Hoi, Nguyen V Hieu, Vo Q Nha, Nguyen Huynh, Le C Nhan and Nguyen N Hieu. Materials Research Express. 04. Pages: Năm 2019. (18/01/2019)
60. Bài báo:  Increasing the Quality of Multi-step Consensus Tác giả: Dai Tho Dang, Ngoc Thanh Nguyen, Dosam Hwang. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Springer (indexed by ISI, SCOPUS). 11432. Pages: 1-12. Năm 2019. (10/02/2019)
61. Bài báo:  Coordinating contracts for VMI systems under manufacturer-CSR and retailer- marketing efforts, Tác giả: PHAN D.A.; VO T.L.H.; LAI A.N.; NGUYEN L.A. International Journal of Production Economics. 211. Pages: 98-118. Năm 2019. (01/02/2019)
62. Bài báo:  Supply chain coordination under trade credit and retailer effort Tác giả: PHAN D.A..; VO T.L.H; LAI A.N.. International Journal of Production Research. In press. Pages: In press. Năm 2019. (01/02/2019)
63. Bài báo:  Turn signal use among car drivers and motorcyclists at intersection: A case study at Danang, Vietnam Tác giả: Duy Q. Nguyen-Phuoc*, Anh T. P. Tran, Chris De Gruyter, Inhi Kim, Diep N. Su. Transportation Research Board (TRB) 98th Annual Meeting, Washington, D.C., United States. 19-00811. Pages: xxx. Năm 2019. (17/02/2019)
64. Bài báo:  Predicting the viscosity of liquid mixtures consisting of n-alkane, alkylbenzene and cycloalkane species based on molecular description Tác giả: Thanh-Binh Nguyen, Velisa Vesovic. Fluid Phase Equilibria. 487. Pages: 58-70. Năm 2019. (18/02/2019)
65. Bài báo:  A facile hydrothermal synthesis of highly luminescent NaYF4:Yb3+/Er3+ upconversion nanoparticles and their biomonitoring capability Tác giả: Rafia Rafique, Seung Hoon Baek, Le Minh Tu Phan, Sung-Jin Chang, Anam Rana Gul, and Tae Jung Park. Materials Science and Engineering C (IF 5.080). 99. Pages: 1067-1074. Năm 2019. (25/02/2019)
66. Bài báo:  The impact of Photovoltaic penetration with real case: ThuaThienHue-Vietnamese grid Tác giả: Minh Quan Duong et al.. 2019 International Conference on Robotics,Electrical and Signal Processing Techniques (ICREST). ISBN 978-1-5386-8014-8. Pages: 682 - 686. Năm 2019. (25/02/2019)
67. Bài báo:  Effect of Vietnamese Fly Ash on Selected Physical Properties, Durability and Probability of Corrosion of Steel in Concrete Tác giả: Chinh Van Nguyen, Paul Lambert and Quang Hung Tran. Journal of Materials. 12(4). Pages: 593. Năm 2019. (26/02/2019)
68. Bài báo:  An Investigation on Speed Control of a Spindle Cluster Driven by Hydraulic Motor: Application to Metal Cutting Machines Tác giả: Ngoc Hai Tran, Cung Le, Anh Dung Ngo. International Journal of Rotating Machinery (ISI-ESCI). Volume 2019, Article ID 4359524 ( Pages: 17 pages. Năm 2019. (27/02/2019)
69. Bài báo:  Kỹ thuật phân loại ảnh viễn thám ứng dụng trong giám sát hiện trạng sử dụng đất đai
Tác giả: Nguyen Van Phat and Do Phu Huy
International Journal of Advanced Research in Computer Engineering & Technology (IJARCET), ISSN 2278 - 1323. 2. Pages: 26-30. Năm 2019.
70. Bài báo:  Hybrid Machine Learning System to Forecast Electricity Consumption of Smart Grid-based Air Conditioners Tác giả: Jui-Sheng Chou, Shu-Chien Hsu, Ngoc-Tri Ngo, Chih-Wei Lin, Chia-Chi Tsui. IEEE Systems Journal. xxx. Pages: xxx. Năm 2019. (17/02/2019)
71. Bài báo:  Developing Assessment Criteria for Anaerobic Capacity of Male Footballers, Aged 16-17 Tác giả: Vo Van Quyet, Nguyen Xuan Hien. Entire Research. ISSN 0975-5020. Volume-XI, Issue-I 2019. Pages: 1-5. Năm 2019. (26/02/2019)
72. Bài báo:  Application of Linear Quadratic Regulator to Control Directly Power for DFIG Wind Turbine Tác giả: Dinh Chung Phan1,* , Trung Hieu Trinh1. J. Electrical Systems. 15-1. Pages: 42-52. Năm 2019. (05/03/2019)
73. Bài báo:  CO2 Methanation Under Dynamic Operational Mode Using Nickel Nanoparticles Decorated Carbon Felt (Ni/OCF) Combined with Inductive Heating Tác giả: Wei Wang, Cuong Duong-Viet, Zhenxin Xu, Housseinou Ba, Giulia Tuci, Giuliano Giambastiani, Yuefeng Liu, Tri Truong-Huu, Jean-Mario Nhut, Cuong Pham-Huu. Catalysis Today. 2-2019. Pages: 1-8. Năm 2019. (24/02/2019)
74. Bài báo:  An analysis of the commercial waste characterisation in a tourism city in Vietnam Tác giả: Song Toan Pham Phu, Takeshi Fujiwara, Minh Giang Hoang, Van Dinh Pham. International journal of Environment and Waste Management (SCOPUS). 23(3). Pages: 319-335. Năm 2019. (06/03/2019)
75. Bài báo:  Essentially ADS modules and rings
Tác giả: M. Tamer Kosan, Truong Cong Quynh, Jan Žemlicka. in Rings, Modules and Codes, Contemporary Mathematics. 727, Amer. Math. Soc., Providence, RI. Pages: 223-236. Năm 2019.
76. Bài báo:  Applying the IoT platform and green wave theory to control intelligent traffic lights system for urban areas in Vietnam Tác giả: CT Phan, DD Pham, HV Tran, TV Tran, PN Huu. KSII Transactions on Internet & Information Systems. 13. Pages: 34-51. Năm 2019. (08/03/2019)
Tác giả: M.L. Nguyen, T.H.T. Ta, T.N.B.T. Huyen, A.V. Voronina. Sel’skokhozyaistvennaya Biologiya [Agricultural Biology]. Vol. 54, № 1. Pages: 140-148. Năm 2019.
78. Bài báo:  A review of anaerobic digestion systems for biodegradable waste: Configurations, operating parameters, and current trends Tác giả: Dinh Pham Van, Takeshi Fujiwara, Bach Leu Tho, Song Toan Pham Phu, Giang Hoang Minh. Environmental Engineering Research (SCIE - ISI/Q3) - IF: 1.500. 10(4). Pages: 1-46. Năm 2019. (06/03/2019)
79. Bài báo:  Modules which are coinvariant under idempotents of their covers, acceptted 2019 Tác giả: A. Abyzov, L. V. Thuyet, Truong Cong Quynh, A. A. Tuganbaev. Siberian Mathematical Journal. ... Pages: .... Năm 2019. (17/03/2019)
80. Bài báo:  Ultimate bearing capacity of rigid footing under eccentric vertical load Tác giả: Quang N. PHAM, Satoru OHTSUKA, Koichi ISOBE, Yutaka FUKUMOTO, Takashi HOSHINA. Soils and Foundations Journal (SCIE Journal-IF=2.567). In press. Pages: 1-16. Năm 2019. (19/03/2019)
81. Bài báo:  Isothermal aging and shear creep behavior of a novel lead-free solder joint with small additions of Bi, Sb and Ni Tác giả: Q.B. Tao, L. Benabou, T.A.Nguyen Van and H. Nguyen-Xuan. Journal of Alloys and Compounds. 789. Pages: 183-192. Năm 2019. (20/03/2019)
82. Bài báo:  Effective Segmentation of Organic Food Consumers in Vietnam Using Food-Related Lifestyles Tác giả: Le Van Huy; Mai Thi Thao Chi; Antonio Lobo; Ninh Nguyen; Phan Hoang Long. Sustainability (ISI, SCIE). 11(5), 1237. Pages: 1-16. Năm 2019. (23/03/2019)
83. Bài báo:  ‘Everyone thinks that I just need to know a few words and sing some songs to teach English to the kids’: primary school English language teachers struggled for their professional legitimacy Tác giả: Chinh Duc Nguyen. Teacher Development. 23(2). Pages: 174-191. Năm 2019. (16/03/2019)
84. Bài báo:  A New Finite Time Control Solution for Robotic Manipulators Based on Nonsingular Fast Terminal Sliding Variables and the Adaptive Super-Twisting Scheme
Tác giả: Vo Anh Tuan, Hee-Jun Kang. Journal of Computational and Nonlinear Dynamics. 14(3). Pages: 031002. Năm 2019.
85. Bài báo:  An Adaptive Terminal Sliding Mode Control for Robot Manipulators With Non-Singular Terminal Sliding Surface Variables
Tác giả: Anh Tuan Vo, Hee-Jun Kang. IEEE Access IEEE. 7. Pages: 8701 - 8712. Năm 2019.
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88. Bài báo:  
Inflation Threshold And Economic Development In Developing Countries
Tác giả: Dat Thanh Nguyen, Viet Anh Hoang, Tien Huu Ho. "Econometrics and Statistical Methods - Application in Economics and Finance" (ESM-AEM 2019). .. Pages: .. Năm 2019.
89. Bài báo:  Applying the IoT platform and green wave theory to control intelligent traffic lights system for urban areas in Vietnam Tác giả: Phan, Cao Tho; Pham, Duong Duy; Tran, Vu Hoang; Tran, Viet Trung; Nguyen-Huu, Phat. KSII Transactions on Internet and Information Systems. Vol 13, No 1. Pages: 34-51. Năm 2019. (28/03/2019)
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91. Bài báo:  Electronic Structure of CuWO4: Dielectric-Dependent, Self-Consistent Hybrid Functional Study of a Mott-Hubbard Type Insulator Tác giả: Ho Viet Thang, Elisa Albanese, Gianfranco Pacchioni. Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter. 31. Pages: 145503. Năm 2019. (14/04/2019)
92. Bài báo:  Nature of Atomically Dispersed Ru on Anatase TiO2: Revisiting Old Data Based on DFT Calculations Tác giả: Ho Viet Thang, Gianfranco Pacchioni. The Journal of Physical Chemistry C. 123. Pages: 7271-7282. Năm 2019. (14/04/2019)
93. Bài báo:  The Epitaxal Growth of ZnO Films on Cu (111) Surface: Thickness Dependence Tác giả: Ho Viet Thang*, Sergio Tosoni, Gianfranco Pacchioni. Applied Surface Science. 483. Pages: 133-139. Năm 2019. (14/04/2019)
94. Bài báo:  Physical movement and basic motor skills of first grade pupils at Trang Ha Primary School, Tu Son town, Bac Ninh province as a result of exercises with simple tools Tác giả: Khanh Thu Dinh; Xuan Hien Nguyen, Loan Le Thi Phuong, Cong Dao Nguyen. International Journal of Health, Physical Education and Computer Science in sports. ISSN 2231-3265. Volume No.33. Pages: 78-82. Năm 2019. (16/04/2019)
95. Bài báo:  Sand and silty-sand soil stabilization using bacterial enzyme–induced calcite precipitation (BEICP)
Tác giả: Tung Hoang, James Alleman, Bora Cetin, Kaoru Ikuma, and Sun-Gyu Choi
Canadian Geotechnical Journal. 56: 808–822 (2019). Pages: 808-822. Năm 2019.
96. Bài báo:  On dual automorphism-invariant and superfluous ADS-modules
Tác giả: Truong Cong Quynh, Serap Sahinkaya. in Rings, Modules and Codes, Contemporary Mathematics. 727, Amer. Math. Soc., Providence, RI. Pages: 337-347. Năm 2019.
97. Bài báo:  Strain-Tunable Electronic and Optical Properties of Monolayer Germanium Monosulfide: Ab-Initio Study Tác giả: P. T. T. Le, Chuong V. Nguyen, Doan V. Thuan, Tuan V. Vu, V. V. Ilyasov, N. A. PoklonskiHuynh V. Phuc, I. V. Ershov, G. A. Geguzina, Nguyen V. Hieu, Bui D. Hoi, Ngo X. CuongNguyen N. Hieu
Journal of Electronic Materials (SCI). 12 February ( Pages: 1-8. Năm 2019.
98. Bài báo:  Tailoring electronic properties and Schottky barrier in sandwich heterostructure based on graphene and tungsten diselenide Tác giả: P.T.T.Le, Le M.Bui, Nguyen N.Hieu, Huynh V.Phuc, B.Amin, Nguyen V.Hieu, Chuong V. Nguyen. Superlattice and Microstructures (SCI). 94. Pages: 129-136. Năm 2019. (31/03/2019)
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100. Bài báo:  Changes in physiological functions of down syndrome affected individuals after one year of practicing aikido at sport training center in district 3, Ho Chi Minh city.
Tác giả: Ngoc Thang Hoa, Xuan Hien Nguyen, Le Nhat Quang Tran. Entire Research. ISSN 0975-5020. Volume-XI, Issue-II. Pages: 21-24. Năm 2019.
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