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 Đề xuất các biện pháp nâng cao kĩ năng viết văn tranh luận của sinh viên khoa tiếng Anh tập trung khía cạnh thể hiện độ Mạch lạc.(Improving Argumentative Essay Writing Skills of Students of the English Department through Focus on Coherence).
Chủ nhiệm:  Nguyễn Ngọc Nhật Minh
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; Thành viên:  Nguyễn Đoàn Thảo Chi
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Số: Đ 2013-05-27 ; Năm hoàn thành: 2014; Đề tài cấp ĐHĐN; Lĩnh vực: Giáo dục
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Writing argumentative essays is a very important skill in acquiring and mastering writing skills, and it is being faced by Vietnamese students more frequently than ever. These days, students, especially EFL students, have had their English language competence including their writing skills evaluated through popular international testing systems like IELTS, TOEFL or CEFR tests (Common European Framework for Reference) for employment and learning opportunities. Among the skills and knowledge of English being tested for writing tests, the argumentative writing skill has often accounted for a larger proportion of the total score. At the College of Foreign Languages, this skill has been taught for second-year students in Writing 4 and for fourth-year ones in Advanced English. Also, this has recently introduced as a writing task in the University English Achievement Test so it is essential that students have a good command of writing argumentative essays. However, many of them, in fact, fail to give satisfactory written performances as expected, and their imminent problem is they demonstrate weak coherence between ideas and sentences, which means they may hardly convey their perspectives effectively to readers. Therefore, an investigation into the coherence degree of English Department students’ argumentative essay writing skills should be implemented to verify students’ existing problems, evaluate their writing skills and suggest the implications for teaching activities and curriculum design. 
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