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Số người truy cập: 73,653,965

 Student mobility and challenges in Vietnam education
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Tác giả hoặc Nhóm tác giả: Nguyen Ngoc Chinh
Nơi đăng: 17th SEAMEO RIHED Governing Board Meeting 17th–18th August 2009, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
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; Số: 1(36);Từ->đến trang: 105-115;Năm: 2009
Lĩnh vực: Giáo dục; Loại: Báo cáo; Thể loại: Quốc tế
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Student mobility in Vietnam is reaching its blooming stage as a way to promote collaboration in education and development among Vietnam and other progressive countries which own ideal educational environments. This process gives a chance for culture cross, technological and strategic understanding and exporting and importing markets but it also triggers the newly found concern - brain mobility or also called brain drain. In recent years, many countries including Vietnam and Southeast-Asian countries has been working out possible solutions and this time through back-to-back discussion to fight against brain mobility with the aim of keeping gifted people who are well-trained inside or outside their countries for the national wealth and economic stability, which we can consider as the plan for brain gain.
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