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Số người truy cập: 75,104,053

 How e-servicescapes affect customer online shopping intention: the moderating effects of gender and online purchasing experience
Tác giả hoặc Nhóm tác giả: Wu, W. Y., Quyen, P. T. P., & Rivas, A. A. A.
Nơi đăng: Information Systems and e-Business Management; Số: 13;Từ->đến trang: 689-715;Năm: 2017
Lĩnh vực: Kinh tế; Loại: Bài báo khoa học; Thể loại: Quốc tế
E-commerce is expanding at a tremendous rate, and the related internetpages, referred to as an electronic servicescapes (e-servicescapes) now have asignificant presence in the business world. Nevertheless, understanding of e-servicescapeattributes remains unclear, due to the limited empirical evidence that hasbeen obtained and examined. Therefore, this study aims to describe the nature ofe-servicescapes and investigate the relationships among website trustworthiness,website attitude, brand attitude, e-WOM intention, and purchase intention. Furthermore,this study also aims to identify the role of two contextual factors, namelyonline purchasing experience and gender differences, and their effects on therelationships among the e-servicescape dimensions, website trustworthiness andattitude. A total of 290 responses were collected from Taiwanese consumers usingonline-based questionnaires. SPSS and partial least square were used to analyze thecollected data. The findings show that e-servicescape dimensions (aesthetic appeal,customization, usability, and financial security) have significant impacts on consumer attitudes and trust toward a website. In particular, women are more likelyto experience more positive effects of e-servicescape on internal responses, such aswebsite trustworthiness and attitude. In addition, purchase intention and e-WOMintention can be influenced through internal responses. Based on the results of thisstudy, it is recommended that website designers aim to improve the usability,customization, and financial security dimensions of their sites, and especially theaesthetic appeal, so the effectiveness of their designs can be optimized. It is alsonecessary for e-retailers to raise the top-of-the-mind awareness for their brands, asthis can enhance trust in the website. In addition, marketers may add the ‘socialnetwork’ factor to offer a platform on which customers can connect with friends andshare their experiences with the website and brand, as this may further enhancepurchase intention.
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