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Số người truy cập: 74,166,403



Full name:                  CAO XUAN HUU                                      

Date of birth:              September 6, 1978

Sex:                             Male

Nationality:                 Vietnamese          

Mobile:                        (84) 0934348189                                                   

E-mail address:  ; 

Current address:          Dept. of Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering

Advanced Program in Electronics & Communication Engineering (ECE),

Da Nang University of Science and Technology (DUT), 54 Nguyen Luong Bang, Da Nang



Ph.D., Hannam University, Daejeon, Korea (Aug. 2010)

                                    Department of Physics

                                    Applied Electronics & Engineering Group

                                    Academic Years:         2007-2010

M.S., Vietnam National University (VNU), Hanoi, Vietnam

College of Natural Science

Department of Physics

                                    Academic Years:        2001-2003

B.S., Vietnam National University (VNU), Hanoi, Vietnam

College of Natural Science

Department of Physics

                                    Academic Years:        1996-2000



o   From Nov. 2010 to date:  

Lecturer at Department of Electronic and Telecom-munication Engineering, Da Nang University of Technology, teaching for Advanced Program - ECE.

Doing researches on magnetic field sensing techniques, measuring instruments, and biosensors.

Current project: "Cancer Diagnostic Equipment Using Magnetic Nanoparticles", National Funded Project, Code: KC.03.29/11-15

o   From 2007 to Aug. 2010:  

- PhD student at Department of Physics, Hannam University, Daejeon, Korea: working on electromagnetic sensors, electronic devices and instrumentation.

- Teaching applied electronics and sensors for senior students at Hannam University, Korea

- Teaching on Basic Computer Use in Linton Global College, Hannam University, Korea.

o   From 2005 to 2006:         

Researched on surface sciences with Co clusters-ultra-thin films on Si(111) and Cu(111) substrates at Academia Sinica, Taipei, Taiwan.

o   From 2001 to 2005:         

- Master Degree at VNU, Vietnam.

- Teaching assistance at Centre for Materials Science, VNU, Vietnam

- Teaching Physics in English for high school grades at Hanoi Amsterdam School, Vietnam.

o   From 2000 to 2001:         

    Researching at Center for Materials Science, Department of Physics, VNU, Vietnam.



     English:  Excellent;           Korean:  Fair  


o   Odon Vallet, Rencontres du Vietnam Organization Prize for talented graduate student, awarded on September 2003, Hanoi, Vietnam

o   The Best Poster Prize, Korean Magnetic Society, KMS2009’ Summer Conference, June 2009, Dang-jin, Korea



o   R&D – instrumentation

+ Signal processing (digital and analog)

+ Electromagnetic sensors and devices, both in simulation and experiment

o   MEMS and NEMS technology



1.        N.H. Dan, V.H. Ky, N.X. Phuc, N. Chau, N.H. Luong, C.X. Huu, L.H. Lewis, R.W. McCallum: Spartial Dependence of Amorphous Character in Cast NdFeAl Ferromagnetic Alloys, MRS Sym. Proc. 647 (2001) U2.6.1.

2.        N. Chau, N.H. Luong, C.X. Huu, N.X. Phuc, N.H. Dan: Influence of B content substituting for Al on the magnetic properties of Nd60Fe30Al10-xBx, J. Magn. & Magn. Mat., 242-245 (2002) 1314.

3.        N. Chau, N.H. Luong, C.X. Huu, N.T. Thep, H.D. Anh: Influence of substitution effect of Ti and V for Al on the properties of Nd60Fe30Al10 alloys, J. Magn. & Magn. Mat., 262 (2003) 441.

4.        H.D. Quang, C.X. Huu, S.K. Oh, V.S. Dang, N.H. Sinh and S.C. Yu: Magneto-transport properties of magnetic tunneling transistors at low and room temperatures, Nanotechnology 17 (2006) 3359.

5.        C.X. Huu, N. Chau, and Y.D. Yao: Study of ultrathin Co films on Si(111) substrate by scanning tunneling microscopy, VNU Journal of Science, XXII, No2 AP (2006) 91.

6.        N. Chau, N.D. The, N.Q. Hoa, C.X. Huu, N.D. Tho, S.C. Yu, The discovery of colossal magnetocaloric effect in a series of amorphous ribbons based on Finemet, Materials Science & Engineering A, 449-451 (2007), 360.

7.        N.D. The, N.H. Hai, H.D. Anh, V.V. Hiep, L.V. Vu, C.X. Huu, N. Chau, Magnetic properties and magnetic viscosity of Pr4Fe76Co10B6Nb3Cu1 nanocomposite magnet, Journal of Korean Physical Society, 52 (2008) 1415.

8.        D.C. Chen, J.K. Mei, D. Wang, J.K. Wu, Y.D. Yao, C.X. Huu, and N. Chau, Magnetoresistance study in patterned permalloy nanostructures, Journal of Korean Physical Society, 52 (2008) 1419.

9.        H.D. Anh, C.X. Huu, N. Chau, N.H. Luong, Magnetic properties of bulk Nd50Co10Fe30Al10-xVx alloys, Journal of Korean Physical Society, 52 (2008) 1427.

10.    X.H. Cao and D. Son: Time-coded GMI Magnetic Field Sensor, Journal of Magnetics, 14 (2009) 129.

11.    X.H. Cao and D. Son, GMI magnetic field sensor based on time-coded principle, Journal of Magnetics, 15 (2010) 221

 12.    Bui Xuan Dong, Cao Xuan Huu, Nguyen Thi Hoang Yen, Study of immobilization of lipase on magnetic nanoparticles Fe3O4 in the biodiesel production, Актуальная биотехнология - ISSN 2304-4691. No: 3 (14). Pages: 48-51. 

13.    T.L. Phan, P.Q. Thanh, N. Chau, C.X. Huu, D.T. Ngo, T.A. Ho, T.D. Thanh, S.C. Yu, Influence of Cr Doping on the Critical Behavior of Amorphous Alloy Ribbons Fe78−x Crx Si4 Nb5 B12 Cu1. IEEE Transactions on Magnetics, 11/2014; 50(11):1200104. DOI: 10.1109/TMAG.2014.2325949. No: 50. Pages: 1028-1031.

14.    P.Q. Thanh, N.Q. Hoa, N. Chau, C.X. Huu, D.T. Ngo, T.L. Phan, Short-range ferromagnetism in alloy ribbons of Fe-Cr-Si-Nb-(Ag, Cu). Journal of the Korean Physical Society. No: Volume 64, Issue 7. Pages: 1016-1021. Year 2014.

15.    Bui Xuan Dong, Pham Thi My, Cao Xuan Huu, Study Possibility of Immobilization of Alcalase 2,4L on Magnetic Nanoparticles Fe3O4. European Applied Sciences. No: 10. Pages: 67-69.


1.   Name of organization: Department of Electronic & Telecommunication Engineering, Danang University of Science and Technology (DUT)

Type of organization:              Government Office

Present position:                      Lecturer

Term of employment:              From November 2010 to date

Address of organization:        54 Nguyen Luong Bang Str., Danang, Vietnam


2.   Name of organization: Institute of Physics, Academia Sinica, Taipei, Taiwan

Type of organization:              Government Office

Present position:                      Researcher

Term of employment:              From May 2005 to Sep 2006

Address of organization:        128 Academia Road, Section 2, Nankang, Taipei 11529, Taiwan


3.   Name of organization: Department of Physics, Vietnam National University, Hanoi

Type of organization:              Government Office

Present position:                      Teaching Assisstant & Researcher

Term of employment:              From 2000 to 2005

Address of organization:        334 Nguyen-Trai Str., Thanh-Xuan, Hanoi, Vietnam



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