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  Nguyen Van Tuyen is currently a PhD student at The University of Newcastle, in New South Wales, Australia. He has been awarded a full scholarship entitled "The Vice Chancellor’s Higher Degree by Research Training Program" for his PhD program started in 2020 by the University of Newcastle which is ranked in the top 1% of universities in the world and is proud of its global reputation as a leader in innovation.

He is a tenured lecturer at University of Foreign Language Studies, The University of Da Nang, Vietnam. He was also the former Deputy Head of Department of Testing, Assessment, and Education Quality Assurance at this University.

Nguyen Van Tuyen has been a teacher of teacher trainers in ICT in English language teaching program for K12 and higher education in Vietnam since 2013. This program is supervised by MOET for the purpose of cascading ICT in ELT training all over the country. He has been working as an online instructor at for TESOL Certificate: Developing An Online Teaching Program.

His interests in research are ICT in ELT, flipped learning, blended learning pedagogy, CALL, MALL, CLIL, Educational research, Language Testing and assessment, Culture and Communication.

Research presentations and publications:

- Nguyen, V. T. (2010). Applications utilized in English language teaching and testing. DakLak Science and Technology. (pp. 28-30). ISSN 1859-1353.

- Nguyen, V. T. (2011). An investigation into students’ perspective on the role and nature of English at The University of the Central Highlands in Vietnam. Presentation at ICELT Symposium in Malaysia 2011.

- Nguyen Thi Huong, Nguyen Van Tuyen. (2011). The application of CALL in testing English competence of non-majored English students at Tay Nguyen University. A tertiary level research project.

- Nguyen, V. L., & Nguyen, V. T. (2014). Listening comprehension test designs to evaluate high school     learners' listening skills - A shortcut to English communicative orientation development. Paper presented at the Conference on English language testing and assessment for school-age learners (pp. 74-81). Hue University of Foreign Languages.

Nguyen, V, L., Nguyen, V. T., & Ho, Quang Ha. (2015). Fully developing an English placement test for   non-English major students at The University of Danang. Paper presented at the conference on online placement   testing for non-English majored students. The University of Da Nang.

- Nguyen, V. T. (2017). Factors That Affect Students’ Reticence in Class. Advances in Social Science, Education and Humanities Research - Proceedings of the International Conference on Education in Muslim Society. 15. (pp. 179-184). Atlantis Press.

- Nguyen Van Long, Nguyen Van Tuyen, & Pham Thi Thu Huong. (2018). A ministerial project on building a model   system for online English placement and graduation testing on students on member universities in Da   Nang. Code: B2016-DNA-03-TT.

- Nguyen, V. T. (2020). Three major benefits of blended learning: a tertiary case study in Vietnam. Paper   presented at the GLOCALL 2019 conference. Da Nang Publishing House. (pp. 19-24). ISBN: 978-604-84-5004-5

- Nguyen, V. T. (2020). Reflection on  Vietnamese ELT teachers' ICT-related professional development:   Opportunities and challenges. The International Virtual Conference on TESOL. SEAMEO RETRAC.

- Nguyen, V. T., Sit, H. W., & Chen, S. (2022). An Exploration of Developing ICT-Related Pedagogical Strategies in   the Professional Development of EFL Teachers in Vietnam. In A. W. B. Tso, A. C.-k. Chan, W. W. L. Chan, P. E.   Sidorko, & W. W. K. Ma (Eds.), Digital Communication and Learning: Changes and Challenges (pp. 203-222).   Springer Nature, Singapore.


ICT-related professional experience:

- May 2013: Working with other 12 members from 8 universities nationwide in a workshop  on building national  strategies for ICT application in foreign language teaching under supervision of a US expert in Computer assisted   language learning.

- November 2013: Being invited by Rector of University of Foreign Language Studies – The University of Da Nang,   to participate in training and coordinating in “workshops on fostering ICT competencies for university and college   lecturers”.

- April 2014: Becoming a member of an Expert Council established by The Ministry of Education and Training of Vietnam for Information Technology Application in Foreign Language Teaching and Learning.

- June 2014: Working in a review panel for "a program for fostering the capability of applying ICT in foreign language teaching for key teachers” in Vietnam.

- 2019: Member of Proposal Review Committee - GloCALL2019

- 2020: Reviewer for the International Journal of Computer-Assisted Language Learning and Teaching (IJCALLT) invited by

- 2020-2021: Instructor for Developing an online teaching program at TESOL International Association (


International co-operation project at  

Doan Ba Ngoc (the leader), Jenny Barnett, Pham Anh Toan, Pham Van Min, Tran Van Kham, Nguyen Van Tuyen, Nguyen Thi Thuy Trang (2018). An International Project to link Vietnamese and Australian Higher Education Institutions.


Highlighted Awards:

2021: An award for the third place at the ALAA Three Minute Thesis Competition Finalist organized by The Applied Linguistics Association of Australia.

2019: A full PhD scholarship entitled "The Vice Chancellor’s Higher Degree by Research Training Program" started in 2020 granted by The University of Newcastle, Australia.

2014: The first prize in a competition entitled “Nationwide foreign language teachers competition for creative applications of ICT in foreign language teaching” at Ho Chi Minh University of Education. The project was entitled “integration of open source and cloud applications in ELT with blended learning.”

2001: A meritorious student award for academic performance (cohort 1997-2001) granted by the Rector of Tay Nguyen University, Vietnam.

2000: A scholarship in 2000 for his excellence and endeavour in his undergraduate program granted by HASEBE Scholarship Foundation in Japan.


Contact details:

 + Personal learning management system: (Project in use since 2011)

 + Email: (Ph.D student)





1. Assoc. Prof. Tran Huu Phuc (PhD)

Rector of  University of Foreign Language Studies, The University of Da Nang, VIETNAM

+Tel: (+84) 913465993


2. Assoc. Prof. Nguyen Van Long (PhD)

Vice Rector University of Foreign Language Studies, The University of Da Nang, VIETNAM

+Tel: (+84) 90539797


3. Dr Thom Thibeault

Director, Language Technology Forum at Samford University, USA

+ Office: Russell Hall 118


+ Phone: 205-726-2742

CV updated: April 18, 2022


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