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Số người truy cập: 74,168,481

 Magnetic and Microstructural Aspects of the Bulk Metallic Glassy Materials Nd60Fe30Al10
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Tác giả hoặc Nhóm tác giả: N. H. Dana1, N. X. Phuca1, V. H. Kya1, N. M. Honga1, N. Chaua2, N. H. Luonga2, C. X. Huua2, R. W. Mccalluma3, M. J. Kramera3, A. S. O'Connora3, K. W. Dennisa3, L. H. Lewisa4 and L. D. Tunga5
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Nơi đăng: MRS Proceedings; Số: 674;Từ->đến trang: U2.6.1-U2.6.6;Năm: 2001
Lĩnh vực: Khoa học; Loại: Báo cáo; Thể loại: Quốc tế
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The ferromagnetic bulk metallic glass (BMG) Nd60Fe30Al10system exhibits extremely large coercivities at low temperature and moderate coercivities near room temperature. The magnetic hardness, as best evidenced by the onset of magnetic irreversibility, was studied in bulk suction-cast and melt-spun alloys with the nominal composition Nd60Fe30Al10. Systematic x-ray diffraction studies of the degree of crystallinity performed as a function of position within the bulk suction-cast samples is found to correlate with the variation in the room-temperature magnetic hysteresis character. X-ray diffraction data clearly shows the presence of both crystallites and amorphous material on the samples' outmost surfaces; the amorphous phase content increases with distance into the cast sample. These results underscore the importance of solidification conditions and attendant nanophase selection, on the resultant magnetic properties of this class of alloys. DOI:
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