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 Quan niệm về Tình và Lý trong văn hóa Việt Nam
Tác giả hoặc Nhóm tác giả: Lâm Bá Hòa
Nơi đăng: Tạp chí Triết học; Số: 09 (328);Từ->đến trang: 44-50;Năm: 2018
Lĩnh vực: Xã hội nhân văn; Loại: Bài báo khoa học; Thể loại: Trong nước
1. The purpose and object of study of the thesis:- The aim of the thesis is to clarify the expressions of Love- Justice relationship in the field of legal culture, and to point out the positive values that should be improved and negative impacts needing to limit for the education of legal awareness in Vietnam today. The search object of the thesis : The relations between Love and Justice in Vietnam culture and its influences on educating of law in our country today.2. Theresearch methods: - The thesis uses a wide range of systematic and consistent approaches: historical logic, analysis and synthesis, generalization and abstraction, theoretical and practical, comparison , annotation, available materials, etc. ...3. The main results and conclusions of the thesis: - The main results of the thesis: + The thesis overviews the research situation in the Love-Justice relationship at the aspects : cultural patterns; behavioral culture; legal culture. During the process ,the thesis states , analyzes and evaluates the results of the researchs mentioned to, thereby it determines the values of them and points out the problems that such works are still left empty or not fully resolved. + The thesis gives the concept about Love and Justice from two approaches: evaluating Love and Justice as two kinds of perspectives and assessing Love and Justice as behaviour patterns , habits of conduct. The thesis has shown the endogenous and exogenous effects on the formation of the Love-Justice relationship in Vietnam culture, then giving the expressions of the Love- Justice relations in some cultural areas such as: behaviour culture,political culture and business culture. + Thesis states and analyzes the concept of legal culture as a basis from which to indicate the existence of the Love-Justice relations in the relationship between culture and law.It also gives the expressions of Love and Justice in Vietnam legal culture in the past and now. + The thesis points out the positive and negative impacts of Love and Justice on the education of law awareness in Vietnam today. Thereby it highlights the significance of theoretical and practical study of the relationship between Love and Justice in culture and its impacts on education, and raises legal awareness for citizens. The thesis initially also gives some basic solutions to adjust the relations of Love - Justice relations in the education of law in Vietnam today. -The main conclusions of the thesis : + From the findings of the thesis, it has helped to clarify the Love - Justice relationship in culture, as well as its impacts on the education of law in Vietnam today. Through the interpretation set forth in the thesis, it will help us avoid making absulate and confirming that Vietnamese people appraciate Love than Justice, or vice versa. + By studying the relationship between Love and Justice in Vietnam legal culture, we found that the development of the law of Vietnam culture always has a parallel between the values of traditional culture which is in the village conventions and rules of the state law. + The research on the relationship between Love and Justice in Vietnam legal culture contributes to limit some mistakes such as : making absolute the role of law and downplaying the role of the traditional cultural values stored in conventions, local laws, customs or customary law.It is the interaction between law and traditional cultural values, including the relationship between love and justice has created conditions for culture in general, the law of Vietnam culture in particular with the diverse and colorful development. + The correlation between Love and Justice is two sides of a dual legal political institution.It reflects the dialectical relationship of the unity and struggle among opposites.It is also the origin, dynamics that balances the development of all sides of political, economic, social life of cultural unit of each village, contributes to the stability and development of the country. + The research on the relations between Love and Justice in culture and its influence on the education of legal awareness in our country contributes to the conservation and development of traditional cultural values , and helps not only to identify but also to limit negative impacts that love-justice relations in traditional cultures brings, which has become significant barriers against the education of legal awareness in Viet Nam today.
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