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1. Tham luận:  Đồng bộ hóa lưu lượng dòng chạy vào mô hình AWRA-L bằng bộ lọc phần tử Tác giả: Pham H. T., Do C. N., Dergoski P.. Water Information Science Symposium-WIRADA, CSIRO-BOM, Canberra. Pages: 07. Năm 2107. (21/11/2018)
2. Bài báo:  Numerical Simulation of Full-Scale Square Concrete Filled Steel Tubular (CFST) Columns Under Seismic Loading Tác giả: Hao D. Phan, Ker-Chun Lin and Hieu T. Phan. Modern Mechanics and Applications; Springer, Singapore. Print ISBN 978-981-16-3238-9; Online ISBN 978-981-16-3239-6. Pages: 875-889. Năm 2022. (05/10/2021)
3. Bài báo:  Seismic Performance of Concrete Filled Steel Tubular (CFST) Columns with Variously Axial Compressive Loads Tác giả: Hao D. Phan and Ker-Chun Lin. Modern Mechanics and Applications; Springer, Singapore. Print ISBN 978-981-16-3238-9; Online ISBN 978-981-16-3239-6 Online ISBN 978-981-16-3239-6. Pages: 915-925. Năm 2022. (05/10/2021)
4. Bài báo:  A Novel Integrated Model for Positioning Indoor MISO VLC Exploiting Non-Light-of-Sight Communication Tác giả: Dat vuong, TT Son, DH Ai, Trong Hop Do, CP Huynh, Hung N.Tan, Nva Quang, Ttt Vinh. International Conference on Ubiquitous Information Management and Communication (IMCOM 2022). DOI: 10.1109/IMCOM53663.2022.9721812. Pages: 1-5. Năm 2022. (16/11/2021)
5. Bài báo:  Entrepreneurship performance of Vietnam Tác giả: Nguyen Thi Thu Ha - Lam Ba Hoa. Serbian Journal of Management. 17 (2) (2022). Pages: xxx - xxx. Năm 2022. (18/11/2021)
6. Bài báo:  Numerical Investigation on Bearing Capacity of Strip Footing on Sandy Soils under Eccentrically Inclined Load Tác giả: Pham N. Quang and Ohtsuka Satoru. Proceedings of the 2nd Vietnam Symposium on Advances in Offshore Engineering - Energy and Geotechnics: VSOE 2021 (Indexed Scopus). 2 (37), Pages: 333-341. Năm 2022. (01/12/2021)
7. Bài báo:  A Novel Integrated Model for Positioning Indoor MISO VLC Exploiting Non-Light-of-Sight
Tác giả: Dat vuong, TT Son, DH Ai, Trong Hop Do, CP Huynh, Hung N.Tan, Nva Quang, Ttt Vinh. International Conference on Ubiquitous Information Management and Communication. 978-1-6654-2678-7. Pages: 1-5. Năm 2022.
8. Bài báo:  Adaptive parameter identification of Bouc-wen hysteresis model for a vibration system using magnetorheological elastomer Tác giả: Xuan Bao Nguyen, Toshihiko Komatsuzaki, Hoa Thi Truong. International Journal of Mechanical Sciences. 213. Pages: 106848. Năm 2022. (26/11/2021)
9. Bài báo:  Assessment of the free radical scavenging potential of cannabidiol under physiological conditions: Theoretical and experimental investigation
Tác giả: Houssem Boulebd, David M. Pereira, Imene Amine Khodja, Nguyen Thi Hoa, Adam Mechler, Quan V. Vo,
Journal of Molecular Liquids. 346. Pages: 118277. Năm 2022.
10. Bài báo:  Carbon and Nitrogen Dynamics as Affected by Land-Use and Management Change from Original Rice Paddies to Orchard, Wetland, Parking Area and Uplands in a mountain village located in Shonai region, Northeast Japan Tác giả: Patria Novita Kusumawardania, Putu Oki Bimantara, Julien Guigue, Chihiro Haga, Yuta Sasaki, Valensi Kautsar, Samuel Munyaka Kimani, Nguyen-Sy Toan, Shuirong Tang, Benito Heru Purwanto, Sri Nuryani Hidaya Utamia, Keitaro Tawaraya, Kazuaki Sugawara, and Weiguo Cheng (2021).. Journal of Soil science and plant nutrition (SCIE, Q1).. 67. Pages: xxx-xxx. Năm 2022. (09/12/2021)
11. Bài báo:  PROMOTE CONNECTIONS CENTRAL KEY ECONOMIC ZONE AIM TO INCREASE FOREIGN DIRECT INVESTMENT (FDI) INTO DANANG CITY Tác giả: TS. Dang Vinh - Phan Thi Yen. International Journal of Multidisciplinary and Current Educational Research (IJMCER). ISSN: 2581-7027. Pages: 180-185. Năm 2022. (13/12/2021)
12. Bài báo:  Fast-Switching Technique for Fractional-N Digital Bang-Bang PLL Based Frequency Synthesizers Tác giả: Tuan Minh Vo. IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems II: Express Briefs. 69 (4). Pages: 2001-2005. Năm 2022. (21/12/2021)
13. Bài báo:  Luminescence properties and energy transfer processes in Ce3+-Sm3+ co-doped calcium aluminosilicate materials Tác giả: Nguyen Manh Son, Nguyen Thi Quynh Lien, Dinh Thanh Khan, Ho Van Tuyen. Tạp chí Optical Materials. 123. Pages: 111864-111870. Năm 2022. (23/12/2021)
14. Bài báo:  Theoretical insights into the antiradical activity and copper-catalysed oxidative damage of mexidol in the physiological environment
Tác giả: Nguyen Thi Hoa, Mai Van Bay, Adam Mechler and Quan V. Vo
Royal Society Open Science. 8. Pages: 211239. Năm 2022.
15. Bài báo:  Fluorescent Aptasensor and Colorimetric Aptablot for p-tau231 Detection: Toward Early Diagnosis of Alzheimer’s Disease Tác giả: Le Minh Tu Phan*, Sungbo Cho*. Biomedicines. 10(1), 93. Pages: 1-10. Năm 2022. (06/01/2022)
16. Bài báo:  Investigation of the Advanced Rider-Assistance System of a Personal Electric Vehicle Using Personal Space
Tác giả: Pham Quoc Thai, Chihiro Nakagawa, Atsuhiko Shintani, and Tomohiro Ito. International Journal of Mechanical Engineering and Robotics Research (Scopus). Vol. 11, No. 2. Pages: 92-98. Năm 2022.
17. Bài báo:  V2O5, CeO2 and Their MWCNTs Nanocomposites Modified for the Removal of Kerosene from Water Tác giả: Thamer A. A., Tatjána J., Rashed T. R., Ali M., Ali D. S., Phuoc-Cuong Le, Miklós J., Balázs Z., Karol K., Viktor S.. Nanomaterials (SCIE, Q1, IF: 5.0). 2022, 12, 189. Pages: 1-20. Năm 2022. (08/01/2022)
18. Bài báo:  Effects of burning rice straw residue on-field on soil organic carbon pools: environment-friendly approach from a conventional rice paddy in Central Viet Nam. Tác giả: Nguyen-Sy Toan, Do Hong Hanh, Nguyen Thi Dong Phuong, Phan Thi Thuy, Pham Duy Dong, Nguyen Thanh Gia, Le Duc Tam, Tran Thi Ngoc Thu, Do Thi Van Thanh, Kuan Shiong Khoo, Pau Loke Show (2022).. Journal of Chemosphere (SCIE, Q1). xxx. Pages: xx-yy. Năm 2022. (10/01/2022)
19. Bài báo:  Vibration and dynamic impact factor analysis of the steel truss bridges subjected to moving vehicles.
Tác giả: Toan Nguyen-Xuan, Loan Nguyen-Thi-Kim, Thao Nguyen-Duy, Duc Tran-Van
Lecture Notes in Mechanical Engineering, Springer, , Singapore (Indexed by SCOPUS). ISBN 978-981-16-3239-2. Pages: 522-536. Năm 2022.
20. Bài báo:  Effect of dehydration time and air tightness on pore distribution of potassium and metakaolin-based geopolymer Tác giả: Yaru Yang, Thi-Chau-Duyen Le, Isamu Kudo, Thi-Mai-Dung Do, Koichi Niihara, Hisayuki Suematsu, Gordon Thorogood. Japanese Journal of Applied Physics. 61. Pages: SB1003. Năm 2022. (13/01/2022)
21. Bài báo:  Knowledge recontextualization by returnee entrepreneurs: The dynamic learning perspective Tác giả: Yen Tran, Anh Tran Tram Truong. Journal of International Management. 28. Pages: 100922. Năm 2022. (15/01/2022)
22. Bài báo:  Modeling consumers’ trust in mobile food delivery apps (MFDAs): Perspectives of technology acceptance model, mobile service quality and personalization-privacy theory Tác giả: Su, D.N.*, Nguyen, N.N.A.,Nguyen. L. T. N., Luu, T.T. & Nguyen-Phuoc, D.Q.. Journal of Hospitality Marketing & Management (SSCI, Q1, IF=7.022). In press. Pages: X. Năm 2022. (17/01/2022)
23. Bài báo:  Reassessing the most popularly suggested measurement models and measurement invariance of the Maslach Burnout Inventory – human service survey among Vietnamese healthcare professionals Tác giả: Thi Hong Thai Bui, Thi Minh Duc Tran, Thi Nhu Trang Nguyen, Thy Cam Vu, Xuan Diep Ngo, Thi Hang Phuong Nguyen & Thi Le Hang Do (2022). Health Psychology and Behavioral Medicine. 10:1. Pages: 104-120. Năm 2022. (19/01/2022)
24. Bài báo:  Fluorescent carbon dots as prospective nanoagents for imaging-assisted biomedical applications Tác giả: Le Minh Tu Phan*. Current Medicinal Chemistry. x. Pages: x. Năm 2022. (25/01/2022)
25. Bài báo:  Equilibrium single and co-adsorption of nutrients from aqueous solution onto aluminium-modified biochar Tác giả: T. C. P. Tran, T. P. Nguyen, T. T. Nguyen, Phuoc-Cuong Le, Q. B.Tran, X. C. Nguyen. Case Studies in Chemical and Environmental Engineering (Elsevier, Q1). Volume 5, May 2022, 100181. Pages: 1-6. Năm 2022. (20/01/2022)
26. Bài báo:  Seismic Retrofitting Method Using CFRP Sheets for H-Section Steel Beam with Variable Cross Section Tác giả: Ngoc Vinh Pham; Kazuo Ohgaki; Toshihiro Miki; Yuya Hidekuma;and Shunta Sakurai. Journal of Structural Engineering (ASCE). Volume 148 Issue 4. Pages: 04022004 (1-21). Năm 2022. (19/01/2022)
27. Bài báo:  Time-averaged flow characteristics of pulsed swirling coaxial jets with annular blockage Tác giả: S.R.Jufar and Minh Duc Le. Experimental Thermal and Fluid Science. 134. Pages: 110602. Năm 2022. (27/01/2022)
28. Bài báo:  The challenges of Rural Students in Vietnam towards higher education Tác giả: Lo Van Pang. International Journal of TESOL & Education. 1. Pages: 225-237. Năm 2022. (28/01/2022)
29. Bài báo:  Flux Intensifying Feature of Permanent Magnet Assisted Synchronous Reluctance Motor with High Torque Density Tác giả: Min-Fu Hsieh, Duc-Kien Ngo*, Nguyen Gia Minh Thao. Electronics (SCIE, EEE). 11(3). Pages: 397. Năm 2022. (03/02/2022)
30. Bài báo:  Promote Connections Central Key Economic Zone Aim to Increase Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) into Danang City Tác giả: TS. Dang Vinh - Phan Thi Yen. International Journal of Multidisciplinary and Current Educational Research (IJMCER). ISSN: 2581-7027. Pages: 180-185. Năm 2022. (01/02/2022)
31. Bài báo:  Factors affecting intention to use on-demand shared ride-hailing services in Vietnam: Is it risk, cost or sustainability? Tác giả: Nguyen-Phuoc, D.Q.*, Su, D.N., Vo, N.S., Nguyen, H.H. & Oviedo-Trespalacios, O.. Journal of Transport Geography (SSCI, Q1, IF=4.986). In press. Pages: X. Năm 2022. (04/02/2022)
32. Bài báo:  From Customer Data to Smart Customer Data: The Smart Data Transformation Process Tác giả: Thang Le Dinh, Nguyen Anh Khoa Dam, Chan Nam Nguyen, Thi My Hang Vu, and Nguyen Cuong Pham. 12th International Conference on Exploring Service Science (IESS 2.2). 05002. Pages: 1-15. Năm 2022. (10/02/2022)
33. Bài báo:  Towards Knowledge-based Smart Service Systems: The Case of a Recommender System for a Cultural Organization Tác giả: Thang Le Dinh, Nguyen Anh Khoa Dam, and Gia Huan Ho. 12th International Conference on Exploring Service Science (IESS 2.2). 05001. Pages: 1-15. Năm 2022. (10/02/2022)
34. Bài báo:  Inter-Jurisdictional Comparison of Public Asset Utilization in Tokyo Metropolitan Local Governments Tác giả: Thien-Vu Tran, Shochiro Hosohomi, Masayoshi Noguchi
Public Organization Review. 1. Pages: 1-22. Năm 2022.
35. Bài báo:  Economic efficiency of higher education institutions in Vietnam between 2012 and 2016: a DEA analysis Tác giả: Thien-Vu Tran et al.
Journal of Applied Research in Higher Education. 1. Pages: 1-22. Năm 2022.
36. Bài báo:  A note on the hyperspace of finite subsets
Fasciculi Mathematici. ??. Pages: ??-??. Năm 2022.
37. Bài báo:  A Corpus-Based Study on the Most Frequently Used English Prepositions: A Conceptual Transfer Perspective Tác giả: Tran Tin Nghi, Tran Huu Phuc. Journal of Theory and Practice in Language Studies. Vol. 12, No. 2. Pages: 213-220. Năm 2022. (07/02/2022)
38. Bài báo:  Some Results on Pixley-Roy Hyperspaces Tác giả: LJUBISA D.R. KOCINAC, LUONG QUOC TUYEN AND ONG VAN TUYEN
Journal of Mathematics. 2022. Pages: 878044. Năm 2022.
39. Bài báo:  Synthesis of Polyanionic Cellulose Carbamates by Homogeneous Aminolysis in an Ionic Liquid/DMF Medium Tác giả: Cuong Viet Bui, Thomas Rosenau, and Hubert Hettegger. Molecules, Special Issue "Polysaccharide Chemistry—a Tool for Novel, Sustainable, and Advanced Products and Materials: A Themed Issue in Honor of Prof. Dr. Thomas Heinze". 27(4). Pages: 1384. Năm 2022. (18/02/2022)
40. Bài báo:  Axial strength prediction of steel tube confined concrete columns using a hybrid machine learning model Tác giả: Ngoc-Tri Ngo, Hoang An Le, Quang-Trung Nguyen .... Structures (SCIE - Q1). 36. Pages: 765 - 780. Năm 2022. (19/02/2022)
41. Bài báo:  In silico screening of potential β-secretase (BACE1) inhibitors from VIETHERB database Tác giả: NT Nhung, N Duong, HTT Phung, QV Vo, NM Tam. Journal of Molecular Modeling. 28. Pages: 1-10. Năm 2022. (19/02/2022)
42. Bài báo:  A Model of Semantic-Based Image Retrieval Using C-Tree and Neighbor Graph Tác giả: Nguyen Thi Uyen Nhi, Manh Thanh Le, The Thanh Van. International Journal on Semantic Web and Information Systems (IJSWIS). 18(1). Pages: 1-23. Năm 2022. (26/02/2022)
43. Bài báo:  An Application of Artificial Neural Network to Predict the Compressive Strength of Concrete using Fly Ash and Stone Powder Waste Products in Central Vietnam Tác giả: Vương Lê Thắng, Lê Cung, Nguyễn Đình Sơn. International Journal of Engineering. No 05, Vol. 35. Pages: Pages 967-976. Năm 2022. (27/02/2022)
44. Bài báo:  Proximal algorithm for minimization problems in l0-regularization for nonlinear inverse problems Tác giả: Pham Quy Muoi, Duong Xuan Hiep. Numerical Algorithms. online. Pages: 1-22. Năm 2022. (02/03/2022)
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46. Bài báo:  The One/Multi-objective Optimization for Tensile Yield and Impact Strength Responses of Optical PC/PMMA Blends Tác giả: Minh-Sang Tran, Van-Thanh Hoang & Jang-Min Park. International Journal of Precision Engineering and Manufacturing. 23. Pages: 405 - 419. Năm 2022. (05/03/2022)
47. Bài báo:  The Leading Role of State Economy in a Socialist - Oriented Market Economy in Vietnam Tác giả: Đỗ Thị Hằng Nga, Đinh Văn Trọng. International Jonrnal of Advanced Research in Economics and Finance. Vol.4, No.1. Pages: 80-89. Năm 2022. (08/03/2022)
48. Bài báo:  Mechanistic and Kinetic Studies of the Radical Scavenging Activity of 5-O-Methylnorbergenin: Theoretical and Experimental Insights Tác giả: TD Ngoc, TN Le, TVA Nguyen, A Mechler, NT Hoa, NL Nam, QV Vo. The Journal of Physical Chemistry B. 126. Pages: 702–707. Năm 2022. (19/02/2022)
49. Bài báo:  Comparing Data Mining Models in Loan Default Prediction: A Framework and a Demonstration Tác giả: Cuong Nguyen, Liang Chen. Journal of Information Technology and Computer Science. (Forthcoming). Pages: (forthcoming). Năm 2022. (23/02/2022)
50. Bài báo:  How social cues about other passengers affect word-of-mouth and intention to continue using bus services? A second-order SEM approach Tác giả: Nguyen-Phuoc, D.Q.*, Nguyen, T.V., Oviedo-Trespalacios, O., Su, D.N. & Le, P. T.. Transport Research Part A: Policy and Practice (SCIE/SSCI, Q1, IF=5.594). In press. Pages: X. Năm 2022. (01/03/2022)
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